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Behind the scenes of Obama Girl

The videos of BarelyPolitical.com are becoming more and more funny, and more and more seen.
One dutch TV channel interviewed these guys

As Ben Relles describes, this would not have been possible in 2004, even if Internet was already extremely popular by then. This phenomenon today is empowered by Web 2.0, and the YouTubes, Facebooks and hundred of thousands of bloggers.

Amber Lee, Obama Girl, admits the Crunch on Obama clip was shot in just 6 hours! The means to produce quality content are so inexpensice these days, that it is unleashing a tsunami of creativity from a new generation. MySpace, YouTube and viral blogging are providing a mass distribution power rivalling that of TV stations.

How did BarelyPolitical and its Obama Girl became such a hit in such a short time? The mavens-connectors-salesmen, Stickiness factor and Context of the Tipping Point should explain the theory… but the practical implementation is a secret for me yet, except for the Stickiness factor that I can see it is very well provided by Amber. The Obama Girl does stick.