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Rebooting Vista

I have nothing against Microsoft, although many posts in tech-talk.biz could seem to be against them. I admire Microsoft and Bill Gates for what they have done from the computer industry to change our lives.

Still I can not be happy when I just had to reboot Vista twice after one of these spontaneous crashes of IE and Acrobat Reader. I never had to resotre my previous PC. With Vista I have done it four times in a few monts. My wife keeps telling me why I bought the Vista desktop PC, and she wants me to bring back the 2002 Windows XP machine.

When is Microsoft going to fix Vista once and for all?  

Updated: After restoring the system Microsoft offered me a few updates, including SP1. Let’s see the improvements.


Vista sucks. Ubuntu or Mac OS X?

Just google “Vista sucks” and you get 2.5 million results. It is now unanimous: Vista is slow, unstable and annoying. Apart from my Commodore 64 and the OS/2 Warp of my days in IBM I have always used Windows: 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP and now Vista. So if I divorce now from Microsoft, where can I go? and will I be able to survive without Windows?

For consumers that use the computer for Internet browsing, email, watching movies, listening to music (and Sync iPod), video-conference with the family, store and slide-show pictures, and produce video clips of the kids, is there a reason not to switch to Mac? A Mac can do all that, and probably far better than Windows. On top of that, a Mac is stylish. Whether an iMac or Mac mini in the living room, or a Macbook at Starbucks, you will be the envy of your friends (specially of those do not dare to get free from Windows).

Ubuntu is the other option. Open Source. You belong to a community with a cause: freedom and putting innovation at the service of the society. Let others build on top of what you have done. If you are a developer, master Unix, and love the share philosophy, there is no other option than Linux. Less fashion than Mac, but higher ideals. If you are not a geek but can not afford a Mac,  probably you can survive with Ubuntu for a basic use: Web, email, movies, music and pictures. For a more advanced use, you will need some Unix training first. Matt Assay’s post, Ubuntu, it’s time now, might convince you though.

Microsoft Apocalypse 2018

April 2018. DIGooGle makes popular a GigaCrunch post: Microsoft Apocalypse

Vista was the beginning of the end. A few years after its launch, the debacle was inevitable. First the SMEs and SOHO abandoned Microsoft when it stopped Windows XP support. By that time Google had launched G-Enterprise, consisting of Google Apps + Skype Enterprise Edition + Salesforce.com + Goobuntu Enterprise Desktop + Android Nomad Office. To this package companies could add Google Shared Drive, as a common network storage, and Apps Engine to develop the company Intranets, Extranets and any company web application.

SMEs, fed up with Microsoft tyranny on expensive licenses for  Windows, Office and Exchange,  moved to G-Enterprise. Not only companies saved licenses, but also increased productivity, shifting employees mindset to use network collaborative tools like Google Docs, Salesforce or Skype. Meantime, the Cloud on which these tools resided was safely managed by Google. Microsoft SaaS offering came too late, and no one trusted Hotmail as a serious email for work.

Multinationals followed the G-Enterprise trend some years later, hitting severely Microsoft licenses sales, with the Server segment already dominated by Linux.

On the consumer front, Apple ended being the winner. After some Microsoft viral campaigns that destroyed Microsoft image, consumers were embarrassed of admitting they had been fooled to buy Vista. Apple got even more iconic and stylish, and not having a Macbook or an iMac just meant you were not in. Some teenagers issued (and won) lawsuits against their parents for the emotional damage of forcing them to use a Windows PC instead of a Mac. Linux still commanded some market share, thanks to LinuxMCE, mainly used by lovers of P2P file-sharing free content. Linux remained the warranty for freedom against any monopolistic move from Apple.

Such was the hit taken by Microsoft with its loss of licenses income, that it was forced to split and sell its two profitable businesses: 

  • first the gaming business went to Google that transformed the console into Gbox360 featuring targeted advertisement within the games, 
  • then the on-line business, branded Yahoo Live, went to News Corp, that had already acquired Facebook years before

Microsoft software license business was finally acquired by IBM, still nostalgic of a decision they should have made 40 years earlier. Microsoft was merged within IBM Lotus division, that surprisingly still managed to sell to banks. Windows was renamed OS2 Warp Second Edition, and IBM licensed it to Lenovo PCs and Thinkpads.

A sad ending for a company that transformed the world with its software.

Note: This fiction prediction might not come true. We expect Microsoft puts the means to avoid it.

Vista SP1 video: Is this a viral marketing campaign from Apple?

The level of taste is not there. Whether a spoof or the real thing, this video of Vista SP1 is making Microsoft image sink even more, compared to the stylish Mac OS X.

If this video is part of a viral campaign, the awareness has clearly been created, but the associations that the video inspires are far from helping Vista and Microsoft. Microsoft should better start renewing their image. Soon people will be embarrassed to say they have Vista, and be associated with the level of taste of this video.

Just have a look at the blogsphere reactions: TechCrunch, Engadget or The rise and fall of Microsoft’s civilization: Caught on video.

Do you know anyone that is embarrassed to say they have a MacBook or an iMac?

Time to be freed from Microsoft

Microsoft Vista
No doubt that Vista flaws are somehow helping promote Open Source and Linux. Many users annoyed by the problems with Vista (HW and SW incompatibilities, WMP database corrupt..) are turning to see if Linux can be an alternative for them.

I have nothing against Microsoft. I do admire Bill Gates and I have always enjoyed their SW, but all the issues around the immaturity of Vista makes me feel like a hostage of Microsoft, without any other alternative than to wait for the SP1.

As many users I got frustrated when I found that my new Vista PC was unable to do many of the things my old WinXP does. e.g. I could not use my PC-link to stream to the KiSS player, and the MS Outlook 2003 installation crashed the system, blue screen included, only to find later that Outlook 2003 is not compatible with Vista.

Fortunately I found some solutions for the Vista PC in the OSS world: I got Thunderbird for my email and StarOffice instead of MS Office, for my new Vista PC. I also installed Kubuntu in my old PC, to test if I could get totally freed from my hostage.

Kubuntu Ubuntu
No doubt Linux is winning the battle on the server side.

As for the Home desktop, I really find Kubuntu as an alternative for basic users that just do email, web browsing and watch or listen media files. Easy to install and easy to use.

It is also very powerful for the very advanced Linux user, who were familiar with the Unix shell, and can re-configure the system in minutes, if not seconds. For those MS advanced users, if you do not spend time to learn the Linux Shell, you will find it unfriendly compared to Windows, and end up blindly copy-pasting commands from Linux Forums.

Good news is that Linux distros keep improving. Two years ago I installed Fedora Core 4 on an old laptop, and just to configure the Wifi card it took time, Kernel recompilation and may trial and error.

This time with Kubuntu , things were smooth (no kernel recompile) and it includes a very powerful SW Package Manager (Adept), to easily install new software. Adept really excellent and much faster than yum in FC4.

I plan to install LinuxMCE soon, which seems very promising and likely to be a better option than Microsoft Media Center. I will let you know.