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Nokia and Yahoo moves


Nokia acquires TrollTech, a Linux company,  for $153 million. In return Nokia gets Qt, a Linux-based software platform that is behind KDE, Google Earth, Opera or Skype. TrollTech also owns Qtopia, a platform for embedded Linux-base software platform for mobiles.

The move clearly shows that Nokia reacts to Android, even if they downplayed the Google platform when it was announced. Nokia gets a valuable asset on Linux platforms, for both mobile devices and PCs.

On another front, Yahoo is also moving and plans to fight in the mobile arena. ReadWrite interviewed Adam Taggart, Director of Product Marketing at Yahoo Mobile, unveils the ambitions of Yahoo, emphasizing Yahoo’s ubiquity and their goal to reach billions of mobile handsets with their mobile developer platform. In his words “Yahoo’s platform is similar to Google’s Android, but it will reach many more phones than Google’s.”

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is soon on 11-14 February, and expect Nokia and Yahoo, as well as Apple and Google, to bring striking news