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iPhone and Google will transform Mobile phones

iPhone iGoogle
According to NYT technology article by Miguel Helf, iPhone accounts for only 2% of the worldwide smartphones. Nokia’s Symbian 63%, Windows Mobile 11% and RIM 10%. Yet, during Christmas, traffic to Google from iPhones surpassed any other smartphone.

This data clearly points out that iPhone is making mobile web access a reality, thanks to a web browser user interface superior to any other mobile device before.

Google acknowledges iPhone browser excellence and predicts it will be a boost to developers to create applications for the iPhone web layer, instead of the heavy task to do specific development for each mobile phone OS and handset model.

Google has just unveiled a new slicker interface for iPhone.

“With Google for the iPhone, users will get an improved UI optimized for the touch screen, customization of default tabs (easy access to favorite applications), faster Gmail (email automatically show up, no refreshing needed), a speedier Calendar (including a new month view), and iGoogle.”

The iGoogle gadget integration will enable developers to create widgets for the iPhone, without the need to develop on the iPhone proprietary platform.

An opportunity for Mobile Operators? or a threat to be bypassed?

iPhone applications for Starbucks. Where is the cake slice for Wireless Operators?

Forbes report that Apple is filing some patents that will enable innovative applications, such as ordering a Starbucks coffee from a mobile phone to bypass the customer line. Some months ago, Apple and Starbucks launched a Wifi Music Store, so that iPhone users could press a button when at Starbucks and download a song to enjoy their latte.

Starbucks in iPhone keynote, in January 2007

While these might not be killing apps – you need to queue anyway to collect your coffee-, it shows that Apple does not need the Wireless Operator to bring new apps over their networks. Apple only counts on Operators as mere IP pipes.

All this is transparent to us consumers, and even beneficial as the variety of mobile applications increases. Nonetheless it is a major threat for Wireless Operators as they lose control and revenue from Data Services.

Do not forget that the latest entrant in mobile phones, Google, is offering 10 m$ prize for 3rd-party developers that bring best apps on Android.