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How is Internet Re-imagining the World?

Fantastic slide-pack with Internet trends and a lot of cases of Internet re-imagining many different things.

From Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers


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iPhone makes Mobile Web a reality

In a previous post, back in January, Google already advised that the traffic to Google from iPhones surpassed any other smartphone, even if iPhone accounts for only 2% of the worldwide smartphones. Nokia’s Symbian 63%, Windows Mobile 11% and RIM 10%.

M:Metrics confirms those findings based on a report of iPhone user behaviour during January 08. The percentage of users accessing the Web from their handset shows a staggering 85% for iPhone, compared to 58% of smarphones, and a mere 13% of the overall market. For access to a social networking site or a blog, the difference increases, with 50% for iPhone, 19% for smartphones and 4% for the market. Even for video the data is striking: 31% of iPhone users watched a video versus less than 5% average market.

These data confirm that iPhone and its Safari browser really represent a major improvement  for Mobile Web access compared to existing devices. Apple’s iPhone is delivering to the hype it created. Another proof is that, even if iPhone is only official in five countries (USA, UK, Germany, France and Ireland), traffic from iPhone has been detected from almost every country in the World.

Will Android will be up to the expectations too?

Will 2008 be the year of Mobile Advertisement?

Mobile Phones are personal devices we always carry on with us. As their media capabilities increase, mobile handsets become ideal for brands to get across their message to consumers through personalized multimedia campaigns.

So far, Operators have used their knowledge about customers mainly for SMS-based marketing, with a high risk of annoying the user with spam. As more powerful and open handsets appear – iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android-, and as Operators adopt flat-fee data plans, other promising technologies are emerging for a better user experience and ad effectiveness:

Mobile Web. Banners and contextual links are ready to take off, with Google and others occupying that space, probably bypassing Operators. Apart form the personalized targeted ads, features like click-to-call can make Mobile Web even more effective than Internet, with higher click-though rates.
Mobile TV / Video. Be it interstitial ads before clips or new formats embracing interactivity, this segment, still in its infancy, will develop intensely: Broadcast Mobile TV (DVB-H/DVB-SH) will raise users awareness and will enable broadcast channels mass distribution.
Downloadable content/apps. Many brands will see interest to sponsor downloadable content specifically targeted to a segment, with interstitials shown between games.

All these new models will require a 3G network and handsets to make them compelling. 3G handsets are lowering their cost and becoming affordable for teenagers. Teenagers are today the key segment for ring-back tones, logos and game downloads, using their 2G phones. No doubt teenagers are the ones likely to first embrace new types of advertisement. Simply wait for them to get a 3G phone.

Mobile advertisement market size in 2011 is estimated between $5 and $18 billion, depending on which analyst is consulted.

How will this market split among the different players in the value chain is still to be seen. Operators risk to be bypassed by Internet players, but let’s not forget that Operators are the ones owning the scarce resource of spectrum. If operators decide to charge data on usage, instead of flat-fee, this can be a showstopper for the mobile ads party.

NewTeeVee recently posted their “outsourced” predictions for Video Advertisement. Even if focused on Internet TV, most of the comments are also valid for Mobile Video Advertisement. Worth reading.