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Presentation Zen: The definitive book on presentations

Once more Guy Kawasaki’s blog writes an illustrative post on a book and the ideas of its author. In this case, the book is Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. Here just a summary of questions from Guy and answers from Garr.

Q: What make a presentation stick?
A: …sticky, compelling, and memorable messages share six common attributes:

Simplicity    Unexpectedness    Concreteness
Credibility    Emotion         Stories  

Q: What makes Steve Jobs’s presentations so great?

A: Steve Jobs make it look easy. He is relaxed. His keynotes follow the stickiness principles above. Conversational. Uses slides to help him tell a story in a natural way. His visuals do not overpower him. He also demos his own products.Q: Optimal size of a presentation?
A: For venture capitalist 10/20/30 method. 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 points fonts or bigger

Q: How many times a person should rehearse a presentation?
A: Three or four times all the way through and at least ten times the first three minutes. Rehearse in front of others.

Q: Single thing to do to enhance presentations?
A: Think of the audience. Identify what is important and what is not. The main problem is people try to include too much.

Q: Who are the ten best presenters?
A: Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Lawrence Lessig, Tom Peters, Hans Rosling… and recently Barack Obama.