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Mac gains ground on consumers

Apple has presented results for the past quarter. Apple shipped 2.3 million Mac computers in the quarter, 51 percent year-on-year growth, with a revenue increase of 54 percent. iPod sales were flat compared to last year with 10.6 million units sold. More financial details on GigaOm or TechCrunch.

Mac is quickly taking market share from Windows. Today iMac is clearly the most stylish computer for home, and MacBook is the most desired laptop for personal use. In any Starbucks one can see the increasing number of MacBooks. Apple was never a threat to Microsoft in the past, but with more and more open standards, and easily portable applications, Apple is quickly gaining ground as the computer for home (and for Starbucks). Mac is no longer a niche product but a high-end choice for consumer computers.

Steve Jobs said that “… people are really noticing the difference between Mac OS X and Windows to a greater degree than ever before. The more people understand that there is an alternative, the more people are choosing a Mac.”

On the iPod side, apart from reaching market maturity, iPods sales might be stalling due to the wait-for-the-iPhone effect, with people delaying their older iPods renovation, waiting for iPhone to be available in their markets, or simply for the 3G iPhone. Still, sales of iPhone were relatively soft; 1.7 million units in Q1 for a target of 10 million in 2008. Again buyers maybe waiting for the 3G version, or for the price to come down…