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Is the G1 Googly?

Yesterday was a great day for America as T-Mobile launched the awaited first Android phone. Plenty of coverage for the announcement in NYC, but is the G1 up to the expectations?

On the good side: the anticipated powerful processor with touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, camera, GPS and full integration with Google applications (calendar, docs, gmail), plus the fancy accelerometer and compass that enable cool experience such as Google Maps with StreetView. (See reviews from TechCrunch, RWW and GigaOM)

On the bad side: no Video player (except for YouTube), no headphone jack, contacts only sync with Gmail (no Outlook or Exchange), no multi-touch (yet) and T-Mobile 1GB cap after which you are downgraded to 50Kbps. (See Gizmodo’s Obnoxious flaws of G1)

So how does the G1 score on the ten principles for Googley designs?

  1. Useful: Mobile Web, maps with location, Android Market… and you can even make phone calls. 
  2. Fast: Powerful processor, Wifi, 3G. It is fast (until you reach T-Mobile’s cap)
  3. Simple. Touch-screen simple interface and even one-click Amazon ordering
  4. Engaging.  According to the hype generated and with thousands of apps to come, I would tick it as engaging. And it includes Pacman!
  5. Innovative. In compass mode the scene moves as you do. It might be useless, but isn’t it cool and innovative?
  6. Universal. Hopefully we will have Android worldwide soon
  7. Profitable. What is the price of controlling the mobile web experience
  8. Beautiful. Well… the G1 is not yet up to the stylish iPhone… but new models will improve it
  9. Trustworthy. Open source and who would not trust Google’s “don’t be evil”?  But… why would they forget the MS Exchange sync?
  10. Personable. Well… it seems you can have only one Google account, can it be more personal? Beware, if you have two Gmail/Google Apps accounts you will not be able to switch easily.

Overall ya, we can say it is googley… but improvement is expected with new models.