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Google TV in Short

Google TV, as described by Google is about:

  • Less time Finding More time Watching
  • Control and Personalize what you Watch
  • Make your TV content more Interesting
  • More than just TV

Google TV is built on Android 2.1 and Google Chrome and Flash 10.1.

It runs all Android Apps that do nto require a phone hardware. A Google TV SDK will be available to apps developers, including tools for an IP remote control.

A version of YouTube adapted for Google TV: YouTube Leanback


  • Sony will launch Connected TV sets  and Blue-ray players integrating Google TV
  • Logitech will build a Google TV Set-top-box (companion box)
  • Intel Atom chips will power the devices with hi-performance video handling
  • BestBuy will distribute those products
  • Dish Network will have an advanced integration  with Google TV

All coming this fall in 2010. TV meets Web. Web meets TV.

Watch the Google TV keynote on YouTube.

From TechCrunch: Google TV Unveiled. It’s All About The Ad Reach