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Will it be Google the one bringing Linux to the desktop?

Googlex o Goobuntu? Let’s think about it…

Google enters the Mobile Phones market by building an open Operating System (OS) for mobiles, built around Linux (Kernel 2.6).

Android main competitors, apart from Nokia, are iPhone and Windows Mobile. Both Apple and Microsoft come from computer OS to smartphones OS. What is a smartphone but a down-scale computer? Following Convergence trend in the IT/Telecom industry, we could foresee convergent OS across devices.

Nokia, established #1 in mobile phones, should be worried about new entrants such as Apple and Google, as convergence is unstoppable. In the long run I would bet on iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android to be market leaders as mobile operators move to IMS and all-IP networks, and need Open devices to install IMS software clients.

Once Google brings Linux to the mobile phone, wouldn’t be Google the one to bring Linux to the desktop too? Many would see with good eyes Google to “organize the information in the world” in what regards to Linux desktop distros. Linux is getting better for the desktop, but still not there. Imagine what a GLinux, Googlex or a Goobuntu distro could do to definitively drive Linux to the masses.

Eric, Larry, Sergei, please think about it.

Meantime some reports anticipate an Android debut in Barcelona 3GSM congress in february. I bet there will be a lot of Android handsets announcements in Barcelona, and very few prototypes. Unless phone vendors have been working hard in advance of the Android announcement, it is unlikely to see any Android phone before late next year.

Are you ready to have your entire life digitalized?

Can you imagine to have your entire life recorded, so that you could always come back and reproduce the video/audio of a given moment in your life?

With digital storage continuous improvement in HD, and Flash memories, and with the tiny cameras available, the idea is becoming technically feasible.

We might see soon devices that you can carry and record all your day. A camera/mic integrated in our shades and bluetooth connected to your device would record all that you see an hear. The device could be similar to an iPhone or Android phone, only with larger memory to cope for the recording of a day. Alternatively with Wimax/Wifi/HSDPA connectivity the info can be uploaded, reducing the need for on-device storage.


When you are back at home at night, you would get your entire day (or simply your highlights) to download to your MyLife Data Base, either in your Home Server, or why not hosted by Google.

Google motto is to help organize all info in the world. Who better than Google to organize your MyLife Data Base, and make sure you can easily find your key moments when you want.

 Ok, I know, I know…  lawyers say ‘what about privacy?’  Do you need to ask permission to people you encounter and advice them you are recording them in video? Aren’t you allowed to record all the conversations you participate, without asking permission to ?

Well, meantime lawyers and politicians agree on the privacy issue, I still see this devices as very useful Personal Video-surveillance Cameras, which you could use, even if not ready to have your entire life digitalized yet.