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Who said the Telcos did not know about Media?

The Chart of the day of  The Business Insider a few days ago is self-explanatory. Bundling very high speed Internet Access with TV is winning the battle. Will they be able to sustain it against the coming Hulu’s? This can also signal that Internet access is now perceived at home as more important than TV, and that gives an edge in the buying decision in favour of Telcos.


Pay-TV Market in Spain: IPTV wins

One out of two new Pay-TV users in Spain sign up with Telefonica’s IPTV service, Imagenio. Orange IPTV Service is the second one attracting new users with a 21% share in 2007. The table below is based on data from Spanish business newspaper, Expansion.

If we classify by technology, the table shows that 70% of the new Pay-TV users choose IPTV (Telefonica, Orange), 22% Cable (Ono, TeleCable, R, Euskaltel) and only 8% opt for Satellite (Sogecable).

By providing interactivity and on-demand services such as Catch-up TV, IPTV is quickly taking market share from satellite. New services, like watching the next chapter from popular TV series before its broadcast, are bringing users to IPTV and Cable. Interactive TV services are in its infancy, so expect new killing apps coming.

The Triple-play bundle with voice and broadband is also an advantage that IPTV and Cable operators are exploiting, to win users to Satellite.