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The new generations do not see a moral issue with file-sharing

An eye-opening article in New York Times about the generational divide on copyright morality, by David Pogue.

Compared to a few years back, the new generation of teenagers do not find any moral concern about copying and sharing copyrighted material, as the experiment from David Pogue shows.

I wondered whether my 8 months son, would buy from iTunes in the future or would download with BitTorrent and eMule. This article makes be believe that most likely the latter, but not entirely.

New generations would  be willing to pay for content, but only for the content they really love.

In the past, you had to buy the CD just to realize that only 2 or 3 songs were worth it . These times are gone, however painful it is for the music industry. The technology has changed the rules of the game, and digital content can be widely and inexpensively distributed.

I am sure all the teenagers in the article experiment, would have objected to people making money from the creations of others – i.e piracy. But what harm does a private copy do to an artist, except having his works known to more people? Why would an artist oppose to having their creations available for a biggest audience?

People would NOT buy most of the content they share/download today.

Good artist will always find the way to be compensated for their work. 

Net Neutrality debate renewed

In US these days there has been a lot of renewed debate on Net Neutrality. See video below from Sen. Ted Kennedy for those not familiar with the issue

The fact that Comcast was throttling BitTorrent P2P traffic, triggered the debate whether Net Neutrality regulations would force the Service Provider not to slow down P2P traffic.Comcast argues, that even with Net neutrality laws, the only thing Comcast was doing was reasonable Network management.

“Comcast does not, has not, and will not block any Web sites or online applications, including peer-to-peer services, and no one has demonstrated otherwise,” spokeswoman Sena Fitzmaurice told CNET News.com. “We engage in reasonable network management to provide all of our customers with a good Internet experience, and we do so consistently with FCC policy.”

Should the Congress approve Net neutrality regulations, even if somehow those are interventionist on private sector business?

Wouldn’t these issues be better fixed by Market laws? The Government should just guarantee competition exists. e.g. users would move from Comcast to other Service Provider that does not throttle their traffic. As long as there is enough competition the open free Internet would survive, wouldn’t it?

I tend to agree with liberal thesis in favor of free market, but a la European, i.e. with exceptions in some areas where the System must intervene to secure equal opportunity for all: Justice, Health, Education, public infrastructures and, why not, Internet.

Internet is a cornerstone of our current society. Governments should take care of it.

Go for Net Neutrality, even if it upsets Service Providers.