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Back from holiday… and to the Moon


It has been almost a month of holidays in Spain with my family. It has been the month where Google has announced its Chrome OS, attacking Microsoft where it really hurts, on its Windows licenses. Microsoft success with its new search engine, Bing, reinforced with the Yahoo deal, has finally triggered Google to strike with a move that could take Linux mainstream into the desktop at last, as we dreamed and begged before.

Although rather than desktop , we should say laptop… How much more life do you think desktops have before being totally displaced by laptops? True, that desktops might evolve into Media Centers or PC2TVs in the living-room, but today’s families start to have one laptop per family member rather than one desktop per family.

This summer break was the first time we were travelling with two laptops, one for me and one for my wife. And it is also the first time that mobile operators (Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo) all offered wireless broadband with a HSDPA USD-modem on a prepaid basis, targeting the large number of tourists that visit Spain in summer.

This was also the first holidays that I did not carry any book, I mean, any paper book. With the Kindle fully loaded with eBooks I also avoided the tough decisions of what book to take on the plane, or which one to the beach; I always had all of them with me.

I love the Kindle experience when reading books, but surprisingly I found the eBook readers for the iPhone (eReader or Stanza) very convenient when you are really on the go. In fact, I ended up taking only the iPhone to the beach and not the Kindle. Another great use case for the iPhone eBook readers is to read in bed when your wife is sleeping and you do not want to disturb her with the lamp lights on, or with the Kindle “next page” button clicks. The iPhone is totally silent to turn pages, and with the background color in the reader turned to black, the back-light will not bother your sleeping partner either.

This was also the summer of the 40th anniversary of the first man on the Moon, and I have really enjoyed the way Google celebrated it, making the Moon available on Google Earth. Absolutely stunning. If you have not tried yet, go for it and take your own tour to the Moon (see more on the clip below).