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Interview to Bill Gates

Charlie Rose interviews Bill Gates a few weeks ago in Seattle. They talk about the remarkable life of a man who changed the World by putting a computer on everyone’s desk. And about someone who we all expect will make an impact with the foundation he runs with his wife. You may like or dislike Microsoft, but Bill Gates is an admirable man.

Bill Gates’ Last Day Video

This clip recreates the lat day of Bill Gates as a full time employee of Microsoft, which is planned to happen mid this year, when Bill Gates will spend more time running his foundation. Shown at CES 2008, during the last keynote of Bill Gates at CES, it is a funny video with many celebrities appearances, do not miss it.

All my admiration to Bill Gates. I am expectant to see what great achievements he will get out of the foundation.

Apple Historical Keynote at MacWorld 1997: Steve Jobs returns.

This is the full video of the Apple keynote at MacWorld in 1997, just after Steve Jobs returned to Apple as interim CEO. In this historical keynote, we can see Bill Gates joining by videoconference. But even more impressive it is to see how Steve Jobs set the foundations for a recovery that did turn Apple from a precarious condition into the iconic brand that is transforming music industry, mobile phones and fashion laptops.

This keynote from Jobs is a masterpiece on business strategy. Business schools should show this video to illustrate what many books only theorize on strategy, core competencies and corporate culture. Steve Jobs explains on which Apple would focus to reverse the trend. In 1997 few people could imagine how relevant and influential Apple would become in the coming years, led by Steve Jobs.

Jobs has always used these January keynotes at Mac World to introduce new products. Such is the impact of Apple keynotes, that someone has made the analysis whether it is possible to make money off the Apple keynote talks given by Steve Jobs?. See the interesting table in that article showing how much Apple stock won/lose between the day before and after of previous years keynotes.

For 2008 keynote, there are rumours on Apple presenting an ultra thin sub-portable laptop and 3G iPhone . Will that be enough to make money with this year keynote? Or is it already discounted by the market?

See Wikipedia entry on Steve’s key notes for more historical background.