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Broadband at 1 Gbps in 2012!!


Koreans and Japanese enjoy today broadband connections at 100 Mbps. Not being enough, the Korean Communications Commission wants to boost the country broadband infrastructure to provide 1 Gbps service in 2012!!

That  is a tenfold increase from today’s speed and in only three years from now. If the objective is achieved, that increase in performance would even surpass Moore’s Law, initially forecasting doubling of computing performance every 18 months, and shortened by the industry to only 12 months. But Koreans would even go faster with this!

This aggressive objective makes the $6 billion broadband stimulus package of Obama’s administration quite shy, if we are to believe that broadband infrastructure is an asset for the economy to drive innovation and growth.

Quoting Om Malik:

Availability of such high-speed connections has allowed Korea to emerge as a leader in the MMO and online gaming industries. Even higher broadband speeds are going to unveil many new usage scenarios, which can lead to new company creation. […] IPTV is another area of focus for KCC. […]

The efforts are part of giving Korean IT infrastructure a boost, according to KCC. The plan is going to cost about $24.6 billion and will create 120,000 jobs. KCC was established because of the convergence of telecom, broadcast and broadband industries.

Image from JoongAng Daily.