Are you doing what you love right now?

You do not need to be a millennial to ask yourself that question.
The digital revolution has brought an era where rules are changing and change is the rule.

Social Media gives a loud voice to independent artists, to social activists, to entrepreneurs. It is a Digital Renaissance.

Though it can be a long and tough way, it has never been easier to become an Indie artists or a social entrepreneur: musicians, authors, film-makers, graphic designers, app developers, DIY rocket scientists…

Millennials do not work just for money and status. They want to make a difference. They want to change the world for better.

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2 thoughts on “Are you doing what you love right now?


    Hey, I’ve enjoyed the video, very attractive and with cool look!
    I mostly agree with that vision, but I still feel that there are some issues that are not treated by this way of looking at life.

    The issues are the following:
    a) What if you don’t know what you really love.
    b) What if you love too many different things.
    c) Related with b): The perils of scattering.
    d) What if you think you love something, but when you are really at it, you start to think you don’t love it, or you start to think you love other one better.
    e) Related with d): The perils of superficiality

  2. JoseMCansado

    Very interesting issues, let me add to your points a few quotes that I find helpful in those situations.

    a) “The only way to do great job is to love what you do” — Steve Jobs.
    I would put emphasis in the order Steve Jobs put those words.

    b) c) “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” ? Bruce Lee
    Have you heard about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours of Practice Theory in his book Outliers?

    d) e) I would say those are symptoms of what some authors call “resistance” and Seth Godin calls “lizard’s brain”.

    Still, some people might not care about doing “great job” or being an outlier, or about not finishing what you start. And that is fine. It just means some people prefer having dreams rather than goals. Dreams are sexy and exciting. Goals require hard work and making the effort to pursue.

    The thing is that while dreams seldom come true by themselves, goals often do. Don’t you think so?

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