Clouds and Pipes

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Clouds and Pipes. That’s what telecom has become. Services go over-the-top (OTT) and telcos provide connectivity. Telcos have fought a battle for more than a decade to retain Services and they lost. Only Voice and IPTV represent significant business other than connectivity.

Not even the assets they had at the time of the first cloud and pipes post are an advantage anymore:

  • Telcos do not have a billing relationship any better than iTunes/App Store, Google Play, Skype and many other OTT.
  • Telcos brand is perceived by consumers as ‘you-pay-for-all’ vs Internet freemium everywhere.
  • The only reason voice is still with telcos is because of clever bundles of minute plans. And IPTV in most markets resulted in a must-have bundle just to sell broadband.

Telefonica does well to try and play the OTT game too with a separate entity, Telefonica Digital. It’s the only chance to be anything other than a pipe.

As per RCS, forget about it. This was invented when Nokia ruled. In a post-iPhone world with Facebook and Twitter native support, what does RCS has to offer to a user?

Update: Check out Telefonica Digital Tu Go. That’s a good example of making OTT work for a carrier.
This app enables you to have OTT voice with your phone number when on Wifi. That is a far simpler and lower cost approach to poor 3G indoor coverage than deploying femto-cells.

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4 thoughts on “Clouds and Pipes

  1. Daniel Ponte

    I have just discovered this blog and it is really good. It is difficult to find goog telco blogs that are not speaking about “clouds” (and I don’t mean the computing one :))

  2. JoseMCansado

    Thanks Daniel. Yes, for certain analysts and consultants it seems a better business to pump hype around certain domains, and still paint a picture that no longer exists. Good blog yours too!

  3. Hendrik

    I work in Africa, and noticed that Mobile Telecom providers (at least some that have created a simple model) make a lot of money (and increasing) with Mobile Money and eCommerce solutions. For instance, Safaricom in Kenya is reaching 25% of their Revenue via Mobile Money. Okay, this might not apply to all markets around the world, but it is at least something more than just providing Voice 🙂

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