Big Data in 5 words

Manage Infinite Data. Get answers.

Many CIOs and CMOs may feel overwhelmed about the hype on Big Data. The sentence above gives some more clarity on top of the traditional 3Vs, that IBM even turns into four:

  • Volume : Mass quantity of data that technologies today can handle. Virtually unlimited.
  • Variety :Iintegrate and analyze data from an array of structured and un-structured data sources, including: databases, sensors, video, log files, clicks and more.
  • Velocity : High speed at which data is created, processed and analyzed, allowing for real-time answers based on real-time streaming sources.
  • Veracity :  Managing the reliability and predictability of data sources.

Here is the landscape of companies in different segments of Big Data, from Dave Feinleib for Forbes. The two layers down take care of  “managing infinite data”. The two layers above are teh ones to “get answers.”


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