Why a novel on startups?

I admit it. I read far more non-fiction than fiction. That doesn’t mean I have not read my own doses of Asimov, Crichton or Forsyth. So, why my first book is a novel?

On one side because it’s more fun. You are the Creator of the world in your story. It is not that you command what happens in the story (I couldn’t), but you do become the instrument through which characters come to life, and action happens.

On the other side, Asimov used to say that it is more difficult to write fiction than non-fiction. I hate to say I love challenges and that influenced me to pick the fiction path — not the less transited though.

But mainly writing fiction gives you the opportunity to have your characters argue on ideas which don’t have a simple answer. And this story gave the ‘guys’ the chance to talk about startups, about open source, about patent trolls, about new mobile app ideas and specially about what moves most entrepreneurs: the dream to change the world.

I couldn’t have talked about all those diverse points, and some more I made about human matters as love and finding yourself, without the excuse of Mike and his journey in Asia.

For me it was really fun to write. I hope it is as fun to read for you.

If that’s the case, let me know

A story about a dreamer that wants to change the world.
After joining a startup accelerator, Mike Marquez comes across an algorithm that can change music creation forever. But soon he will find he is working for the dark side.

The fist fiction work of Jose Miguel Cansado is now on Amazon.
You can get a free pdf sample here.

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