Will Google Glasses Cross the Chasm?

Less than one day since Google released their Project Glass video, everyone is talking about it. The objective is met. People talk about augmented reality, immersive apps, wearable computing… People even make fun videos of it.

Since Google wants to start a conversation, here are my views:

Why not a Shades form-factor?. No matter how many photos of pretty models you show, even early adopters will hesitate to go out with that thing on their faces without disguise. One of the glasses killer apps is to ‘secretly’ remind you the name of the person you just bumped into — but it has to be ‘secret’, you need the privacy of sunglasses! By the way,  you would mostly wear them while walking in the street, just as you do with shades.

Spoken commands are a show-stopper. How many people do you see in the street talking to Siri? I can imagine people having a chat with Siri in the car, far less while walking. You need Thought and Eye control to go mainstream. Didn’t IBM say we are not that far from that?

– Only measured by the interest raised, Google, please pursue by all means! You will get there!! And you will get people to finally upload to G+!! (just kidding)

Once more, Google, you have captured our imagination, just as you did with your self-driving car. Awesome! Thanks for inspiring us into the future.


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