[Chart] Search Vs. Discovery


The chart via Business Insider seems conclusive on the Google versus Facebook war of who is more relevant for online advertisers.

When people want to buy something they go first to Google. Full stop.

If I want to buy a bycicle to go to work I will go first to Google or Amazon and research. But what if I discover in Facebook that my friend just got an ebike from China, and I did not even know electric bikes existed? What if Facebook shows a banner on a brand of eBikes close to my friend’s post?

The chart neglects the value of discovery. How important is for marketers how people discover their products?

Google is king on search, but social media is king to discover new things. That is gold for advertisers too. Not sure if $50bn worth of it though… At the end I might still search the ebike on Google and check the reviews in Amazon.



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