It is Time to Phase Out Nuclear Power

It is easy to be against nuclear in the middle of the Fukushima crisis following the earthquake in Japan. It seems opportunistic. But it is not. It is just that a nuclear accident HAS happened.

If anything can go wrong, it will. When we deal with nuclear, that means disaster.

The nuclear plant was designed to resist an 8.2 quake. A magnitude 9 quake happened. One month ago ,the probability of a 9 quake followed by a 10 meter high tsunami may have seemed low. But it HAS happened. And the consequences are terrible. It is enough to deal with a natural disaster of this magnitude, to add a nuclear catastrophe on top.

It is not worth it.

There are other types of energies available. Those are less cost-effective today. Mankind has demonstrated that when enough brainpower is put to a task,  we can send a man to the Moon. There is no reason why the same engineering genius that made nuclear power possible, can not make clean energy one day cheaper than nuclear. It is a matter of priorities.

It is time to phase out nuclear power. It is too dangerous. Sadly, we now have the proof… once more.

Goodbye nuclear. We CAN afford something better.


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