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Is Google that good? or Microsoft that bad?

Comparing Chrome and IE9, I can only wonder whether Google engineers are genius, or Microsoft has lost its edge.

I fell in love with Chrome since it launched in 2008. It was so much faster, with a minimalist design, the single box for search and URLs, the start page with the most visited pages, the sandbox concept…

IE9 is the confirmation that Google’s vision of the browser was bright. So bright that Microsoft simply copied it… 2.5 years later.  Only it is not yet there. See IE vs Firefox vs Chrome.

Chrome software updates are almost invisible to the user. The first installation is also pretty fast. I wonder how Google is able to do all those installs/updates without ever asking to restart the computer.

I just installed IE9 at home. During install IE9 lists all running programs and services that may conflict, and asks to close them all to avoid restarting the PC.  I agree to close them all, but surprise surprise, after installation is done I am asked to restart the computer because IE8 had some component still running!! How come I had to re-start Windows7 when I install IE9 and no re-start with Chrome? What is the trick? Are Googlers so much smarter than Microsofters?

This chart from WSJ might give a hint of where the brightest talent choose to go.


It is Time to Phase Out Nuclear Power

It is easy to be against nuclear in the middle of the Fukushima crisis following the earthquake in Japan. It seems opportunistic. But it is not. It is just that a nuclear accident HAS happened.

If anything can go wrong, it will. When we deal with nuclear, that means disaster.

The nuclear plant was designed to resist an 8.2 quake. A magnitude 9 quake happened. One month ago ,the probability of a 9 quake followed by a 10 meter high tsunami may have seemed low. But it HAS happened. And the consequences are terrible. It is enough to deal with a natural disaster of this magnitude, to add a nuclear catastrophe on top.

It is not worth it.

There are other types of energies available. Those are less cost-effective today. Mankind has demonstrated that when enough brainpower is put to a task,  we can send a man to the Moon. There is no reason why the same engineering genius that made nuclear power possible, can not make clean energy one day cheaper than nuclear. It is a matter of priorities.

It is time to phase out nuclear power. It is too dangerous. Sadly, we now have the proof… once more.

Goodbye nuclear. We CAN afford something better.


Who said the iPad was not for creation?

See the new iMovie and GarageBand apps that were launched at the iPad 2 special event, and you can not longer think that iPad is good just to consume content. (See demos around minute 40 to 60). Music creation and video editing gets easier than with a laptop.

Everyone can be a creator now. The age of a few elite artists with the means and the monopolized distribution is over. The long tail of content is going to be only bigger and longer.

Now we can confirm that personal computing did actually change forever in April 2010.