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Will Apple Re-invent the TV too?


If reports from Engadget are correct,  Apple could be soon “re-inventing” the TV too. The new Apple TV could be announced on the next  Steve Jobs keynote on June 7th, together with the iPhone HD (not according to Engadget)

New Apple TV highlights, according to Engadget:

  • Very small device, with only power and Audio-Video ports. No display
  • Based on iPhone OS 4
  • A4 CPU, capable of displaying 1080p HD video
  • 16 GB of flash storage
  • Wifi-n
  • Price $99

Speculating on what it could also do:

  • Runs all iPhone and iPad Apps on the AppStore, plus an specific SDK for Apple TV Apps
  • Includes a Safari browser with HTML5 support
  • Plays any content from any iTunes library at home
  • Extend iAds to video
  • Can be controlled with a new iPhone-iPod Touch Remote App, that allows remote Multi-touch controls of the TV screen
  • The new iPhone HD (the one previewed by Gizmodo based on  a prototype)  will sell with a dock station to connect to a TV screen and behave just as the new Apple TV
  • Does not support Flash

Can you imagine all that for $99? Is the ultimate set-top-box finally arrived? Is GoogleTV dead-on-arrival ? Can you imagine the App Store model also on TV? Netflix, YouTube, all existing video apps, all games!, and all HTML5 online video that is coming…

Will Apple re-invent the TV too, based on the same iPhone OS that reinvented the phone and the tablet?

1984 might be closer than we ever thought…