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How much is an Internet Visitor Worth?


Google makes $18 a year for each unique visitor. Facebook makes roughly $3.

Three observations from the chart:

1)  Google is far ahead of the others in monetizing their visitors. A sign that search advertising is much better paid than display. Facebook will need to invent something to market their ads more valuable.

2) Recently a tier-1 telco CEO demanded that Google should pay telcos  for the business they do on their networks. The yearly revenues per broadband subscriber for a telco can reach $240-$400. What Google or Facebook gets from a single user is peanuts compared with what the telco gets. What portion of Google’s revenue they want to get?

3) By chance the revenue per user for Internet giants look in the same range as what a traditional  ad-funded broadcast TV channel makes per average viewer in a year.

It would be interesting to see how Hulu would do on this chart. According to Bloomberg, the Simpsons on Hulu command a $60 CPM, while on prime-time TV the same ad would cost $20-$40 per thousand viewers. If Bloomberg is right, considering that Hulu aggregates much more content than a single broadcast TV channel, with a higher CPM, we should see Hulu go off the chart!  Assuming it could reach $100-$200 revenue per user per year, that starts to look something on which the telcos might want to ask for a share…