Fuel Cell Boxes: From Distributed Computing to Distributed Power

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Distributed computing is part of the essence of Internet. The network of networks is built around distributed routing nodes (routers), that route IP packets with no central intelligence nor control. Internet protocols are “distributed” by design, and that is what gives Internet the power to scale without limits. P2P is also a showcase of the power of distributed architectures, where the client and server decentralization is taken to a extreme.

The Fuel Cell Boxes, like those of Bloom Energy in the CBS video clip above, will bring to power generation the same kind of revolution that Internet continues to bring to telecommunications. If the promise of the Bloom boxes at reasonable prices in 5 years turns true, power utility companies are going to go through a big transformation and we are going to have a much greener planet.

The video is worth watching, but if you are outside of US (the clip might not play), you can read a good summary of it here.

By the way, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order last week giving Google the authority to buy and sell wholesale electricity just like a utility. Google was the first customer of Bloom Energy. Any connections?

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