Finally, the iPad

Finally it’s here. The much rumored Apple Tablet came to life as the iPad.

The iPad is an iPhone “on steroids”. Same look, same great multitouch user interface, but a bigger screen make web browsing, reading ebooks, gaming or watching video so much better.

The price, starting at $499 is a great (good) surprise, and it aims at killing the revolution of 2008: the netbook.
Amazon Kindle, is the other suspect under threat, with the only advantage of the e-ink “not-hurting-your-eyes” for heavy readers (as well as cheaper ebooks…)

The only missing thing ont he iPad: lack of flash will not let you enjoy Hulu and other online video. Else, it could have even been a great potable Set-top-“pad” (not quite set-top-box) to bring online video to the TV set, as a secondary use.

Now, let’s wait for what Google and partners will bring to counter-attack later this year…

6 thoughts on “Finally, the iPad

  1. Fernando


    I want to know your opinion about e-books. ¿e-book is better than simply books?. I have some doubts because I think that 6″ of LCD screen is little.

  2. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    The iPad is 9.7″, so normally bigger than most pages of books. But you have other advantages with ebooks too, like being able to take hundreds of books with you when you travel, or hold the reader with only one hand…

  3. cesar

    Dear Txemi, I have a problem since a was very young. My problem is that I collect magazines. I have tones of different magazines, different subjects, themes, stylish, flavours and colours. Therapy needed , moreover I have storage problems as I have not enough sqm2 at home to file them. Do you know any Apple plan to issue emagazines? Thanx a lot

  4. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    Hi Cesar, for magazines online check
    You have tones of magazines, and it is free! But it is based on Adobe Flash, so it will not work on the iPad.
    If you were looking for an excuse to buy an iPad, this might not be the best one…

  5. Tomas

    Wow, I didn’t know about this.
    What do the owners of the magazines think about this? Do the get revenues from youkioske?
    I’ve looked at their FAQ, and it seems they don’t get anything…

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