The Ultimate STB!

I will be in Taiwan in a few days, and I do not plan to leave without one of these boxes. I already posted about it. The newest Asus Eee Box is a great product. Small-form that can be (VESA) mounted on the back of the TV, quiet, low power, Wifi-n for true multimedia without wires, HDMI and SPDIF output…  and it is much more affordable than a Mac Mini.

I have not found any cons yet. And what’s more, see the video clip for the Eee Stick, the killer accesory to control the Eee Box from the sofa.

Install the Boxee version for Windows XP, or simply “tune-in” into for your Online Video experience on the TV.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate STB!

  1. Tomas

    What about the Eee Stick usability?
    I tried to use the Wii for internet surfing, but it did not convince me. Whenever you need to type something is a pain.

  2. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    Yes, Tom, for sure you need a wireless keyboard too. Anyway, the Eee Stick is not available yet and no date announced.

    By the way, at the end I got an Acer Aspire Revo instead of the EeeBox…

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