I Love Music, but I Hate CDs


I guess that by now, all music labels have already realized that music downloads and subscriptions are the only way forward to distribute music. CDs are dead, and rightly so.

Maybe because we just finished unpacking the shipment from KL in our new home in Shanghai, I just happen to realize how I hate CDs. I have hundreds of CDs purchased before the MP3 era, and while unpacking them, I could only feel  how useless was the task of putting them on the shelves in my study room.

For my next move I only hope I will have already got rid of all the CDs after ripping them all to my music library, (or alternatively legally download private copies of them with Bittorrent).

I do not think I will ever buy a Music CD again. The last music CD I bought was played only once while ripped to my library. 

R.I.P. Music CDs.

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