Back from MWC 2009 in Barcelona


After a few weeks traveling I am back in KL after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I was planning to link any comprehensive report  from the blog-sphere with the highlights from last week, but strangely enough I did not find any. So I will summarize my high level impressions from the show:

  • The news with most press coverage was incredibly the handset that a pickpocket stole from a Telstra exec, with the yet-to-be-released Windows Mobile version 6.5, and loaded with “secret product information”. Is Microsoft using new viral marketing techniques? or was really the show lacking any more striking news?
  • Where are the Android handsets? After more than one year of Android birth many were expecting 2009 MWC to unveil stunning new handsets. But Android devices were missing. HTC only showed  its T-Mobile’s G1. Are HTC, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and others preserving their weapons for the Xmas season?
  • Still some interesting devices, like LG’s Watch Phone also shown at CES, or the INQ Social Mobile Phone, a web-centric budget phone that got the best mobile phone award. This is a $50 mobile phone optimized to enjoy Facebook, Skype and IM from a mobile, in Om Malik’s words, “chasing what is going to be the biggest trend in the mobile industry: application-specific mobile phones”.  Also grabbed my attention the Texas Instruments’ pico-projectors embedded in mobile phones.
  • There were also major annoucements of large Network contracts with less attention from the general public. The most significant was Verizon’s annoucenment for LTE deployments as early as 2009! Verizon also disclosed their selected vendors, with Alcatel-Lucent as the biggest winner, followed by Ericsson.

In general, less visitors than previous editions,  more sun, a few Lara Crofts in Hall 8, and occasional pickpockets making it into the headlines.

2 thoughts on “Back from MWC 2009 in Barcelona

  1. Samp

    This is the first blog for the congress I come upon!
    I also attended and as a BlackBerry fan I visited RIM’s stand 🙂 I mean, I am a BB fan now but in February I was just a newbie who was still trying to make out everything on this PHONE.

    RIM presented their new models Storm and Bold and when I went to their stand I was surprised to see that many people.

    It is strange how a phone can change your attitude to technologies. Once a BlackBerry always a BlackBerry. Things have changed forever! And it is not only me who feels like that. It seemed strange to me that BB owners speak about their phones as a very important part of their lives, almost like very good friends or partners. Like something they couldn’t live without. I can now understand why because I also became a part of the guild:)))

    As I already said, I was just a newbie then who wanted to find everything cutting edge for his phone. An impressive thing I found there was a translation application by Interlecta. They are RIM’s partners and obviously develop mobile translation software mainly for BlackBerry so I am sure they have a loooot of fans 🙂

    Let me tell you about the free application I got from them. Email translator. The free version was for a limited time and I consider buying it now.

    And man! There was some naked women standing there with their bodies painted in some colours…Look, I really didn’t see which brand they were advertising! This is not a good strategy as a great part of the visitors of this Congress are male.

    I’ll stop here ’cause I’m getting hot again 🙂

  2. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    Thanks for your comments Samp. I see you are really passionate about your BB, and about body painting 🙂
    I am afraid I missed that part in Barcelona, I only remember the Lara Crofts going here and there…

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