Bad Times for Sony


Sony just announced its Q4 results with a 95% decline in profits. Extracted from Associated Press :

Sony Corp. said its net profit shriveled to 10.4 billion yen ($115.6 million) in the third quarter from 200.2 billion yen a year earlier. Revenue fell 25 percent to 2.15 trillion yen from 2.86 trillion yen. The quarter includes the year’s peak shopping season and is usually a big one for its core electronics division, which generates over half of its total revenues with well-known products like Bravia TVs, Cyber-shot digital cameras and Vaio computers.

[…] its usually dependable electronics division posted its first-ever operating loss in the fiscal third quarter. It also reiterated its forecast for a net loss of 150 billion yen ($1.67 billion) for the full fiscal year through March — its first loss in 14 years.

The Japanese giant blames the poor economic conditions, but Chief Executive Howard Stringer should re-consider Sony’s strategy to bring it back to a leading position, as things have not been rosy for Sony lately:

The economic downturn is not helping Sony’s strategic bets on PS3, Vaio or Blue-ray. Still a change is required, or Sony will end up entertaining the future only with their movies.

One thought on “Bad Times for Sony

  1. Pi

    No me imaginaba que Sony estuviera tan mal, pero leyendo apartado tras apartado me doy cuenta de que tienes razon. Por mi parte mejor que no se implante el Blu Ray, asi no tendre que cambiarlo todo. De todos modos Sony sigue siendo una marca importante, muy importante.

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