Desktops Say Bye to Digital Home


Laptops are killing the Desktop PC at home as they already did in the office.
It is more and more common that each member of a family has his/her own laptop. Specially now that netbooks become an affordable choice for the first personal laptop of a child.

Soon home NAS will become popular as a cheap and green common storage for  songs, pictures and movies accessible by all family member laptops, and also by other devices such as a HTPC or a game console connected to a TV screen. Apple Time Capsule is a nice first try for a combine NAS/Wireless router in the Mac orbit.

Except for hard-core PC gamers, not allured by PS3 or the Xbox 360, there is no clear application that justifies the slight extra performance of a desktop versus a laptop. And the increasing move of apps to the cloud, does not help the desktop cause either.

As I read from Stacey Higginbotham, of GigaOM, quoting a research group:

TBR believes the combination of a stationary display, keyboard and mouse with a mobile PC is the ideal configuration for many users.

Why would you want to buy a desktop PC for home these days?

Some are already starting to predict even the death of the laptop… see picture of device projecting a keyboard on the table (and why not  a screen on a wall too)

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