The #1 App in App Store

December 28th is the Spanish equivalent to April Fool’s day. That is why I had to read twice the news that iFart Mobile (see video) was the best selling application in App Store during the holidays (iTunes Link).

Quoted from the iFart creator, Joel Comm’s blog:

All I knew was that a lot of people would be getting iPhones and iPod Touch MP3 players on Christmas Day. Christmas came a day early for us. On 12/24, my jaw hit the floor when I checked my stats. We sold 19520 units, providing $13364 in net income after Apple takes their cut. I now knew that Christmas Day would be bigger than I would have imagined. I made sure I was sitting down before I checked my day-after-Christmas stats. It was a good thing. On Christmas Day, 38,927 people purchased iFart Mobile. Thirty-eight thousand nine-hundred and twenty seven. Wow. Thats $27,249 net. Again I say, wow.

I can only say wow too.

How would iFart rate on the checklist for killer Apps?

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