Apple Vs. Nokia: Less is More

While Nokia posted a 30.5% drop in earnings in the quarter ending on 30 September, Steve Jobs proudly announced to analysts that 6.9 million 3G iPhone units were sold in the same quarter, outselling  even RIM’s Blackberry 6.1 million units.

While Nokia blames price cutting for their profit decline, Apple says that their iPhone helped push net income up 26% to $1.14 billion.

While Nokia sells their phones worldwide in more than 140 countries, iPhone is currently sold in only 51, targeting 70 by year-end.

While 159 different Symbian models were shipped in the previous quarter, only one Apple model was shipped.

Only one quarter after launching the 3G iPhone, Apple is ranked third by revenues among smartphone vendors, just behind Nokia and Samsung, and ahead of SonyEricsson and LG.

In Steve Jobs words, Apple’s mobile phone strategy focuses on “software and user experience“. It is the usability, stupid. That is the magic why a phone without MMS, video recording, videocall or a memory card slot still rocks.

Nokia downplayed Apple’s impact in the mobile phone market when iPhone was launched. Now the financial numbers confirm the revolution anticipated by all the headlines and hype iPhone generated.

Anyone bet that Android and iPhone will outsell Symbian by end 2009?

6 thoughts on “Apple Vs. Nokia: Less is More

  1. Tomas

    I know what you mean, and may be for a $0.99 it is not worthy, but I’m not sure if the bet is correctly formulated.

    Wouldn’t it be possible to run some parts of Android over Symbian? I don’t know completely the technical details, but if Android is partially built on Java, I guess it could.

    I think the competition is: Symbian OS – iPhone OS – Windows CE

    This is the current state (November 2008) according to Wikipedia:

  2. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author


    Currently, there is only one Android model in the market in US, the G1. But Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC, among others, will bring many more models in 2009.

    Symbian is a “phone” OS. Android phones, as well as iPhone or Blackberry, are much more than phones, they are devices designed for Internet.

    Symbian is losing market share, and now only Nokia build Symbian phones. Even Sony-Ericsson is launching Windows Mobile, and has been rumored to be considering Android.

    iPhone and Blackberry growth rate is outstanding. And when new Android models join the market, do not be surprised to see Symbian market share halved by end of 2009.

  3. Tomas

    Now everything makes sense.
    The OS competition is between:
    Symbian OS – iPhone OS (Darwin) – Windows CE – Linux (Android)

    Android is a platform that really does not have any new thing except its runtime and the Application Framework.
    It has the Linux kernel, C libraries, and other open source APIs like OpenGL, Webkit, etc…

    Technically speaking, I don’t think there is that much difference between Symbian and Android. I mean, if Symbian guys are driven finely, they will be able to build the same cool apps that Android exhibit. In fact, Symbian has better performance for real-time apps.

    Let’s see what happens in a year.

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