iPhone Rocks or a Rock?

A funny, different view of the iPhone found though webtown. Although the iPhone only outperforms the Stone in the touchscreen, why does it still rock?

Leave aside the iconic cool factor (which matters a lot). It is not about the number of features, but about having the key features with a simple, fast and engaging user experience.

Who cares about MMS, when you can send emails easily? Apart from making calls, the iPhone is about listening to music, watching videos and above all a rich online experience: web, email and mobile apps. And mobile apps are about location, always-on and being connected.

To avoid the online experience to be ruined by a nasty data bill is why Apple has forced telcos to sell the iPhone tied to unlimited data plans. Focus on the core and remove any show-stopper to deliver a complete experience.

Video calls, video recording on iPhone?… it will come. MMS and memory cards, forget it. MMS is almost dead. And why a slot for memory cards if Apple is going to launch a new generation model each year. Before you need to expand with a memory card you will be buying the next model.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Rocks or a Rock?

  1. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    Thanks Sachendra and Drew for your comments.

    Drew, you have a good point about MMS in your blog and your recommendations are worth being sent to AT&T. Still MMS uptake continues to be very low after a decade in service. Once more and more smartphones are available with unlimited data plans, don’t you think email is going to quickly kill MMS?

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