Viva España!

Spain is the Champion of the Euro 2008. Forty-four years after the European Cup that Spain won in Madrid in 1964, this is the only major title the Spanish squad has conquered.

Spain has been a favorite for many major tournaments before only to disappoint and lose in quarter finals in most of them. But this time the Spanish team has not only displayed a beautiful game, but also has shown a determination to win, not seen ever before in the Spanish team.

A great team spirit and huge self confidence, but above all the winning attitude free from the ghosts and fears from the past.

The Spanish soccer team joins Fernando Alonso, Rafael Nadal and a bunch of great basket-ball players moving to the NBA, led by Pau Gasol. A generation of winners that are a true inspiration.

“Podemos” was the cry from Spanish media to motivate the soccer national team. It translates as “Yes, We Can”. Barack Obama may have had an influence well beyond USA borders.

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