Cool Mobile Ads with Augmented Reality

There is a lot of buzz about mobile advertisement, but the truth is that the current Mobile Marketing campaigns based on SMS are closer to spam than to a valuable service for the customer.

Here is a new technology that makes mobile ads a richer experience: Augmented Reality for Mobile

From ink to digital, Augmented Reality links the ads in papers and magazines with a multimedia experience. No software client is required. Any UMTS handset can be used. Advertisers simply run a printed media ad campaign embedding an Augmented Reality logo and a short number to dial-in (e.g. 0800). The user that reads the ad and sees the logo, dials the short code and makes a video call. As the phone camera records the printed ad, the user sees in his mobile screen an interactive video related to the ad (be it a 3D representation of a car or a music video as in the demo clip). The video is interactive, 3D images rotate as the handset moves,  and a menu provide options to choose such as buying the item, seeing more items or redirect to a video call with an agent.

If Video Ad Insertion is better tolerated by users than spam SMS, Augmented Reality offers non intrusive advertisement. This is permission marketing. The user decides his response to the printed ad and dials-in if he wants to know more or simply for curiosity. The user decides.


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