Why Google should buy Skype

Add GMail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Salesforce.com and Skype in a package. Is there a better value proposition for SMEs and SOHOs for their IT and Communications infrastructure?

Add a Linux distro for the business desktop, supported by Google, and you have a killing package for the small and medium business, with an unbeaten TCO.

Google is determined to enter into the corporate market, as the recent partnership with Salesforce.com demonstrates. Large enterprises and multinationals might be reluctant to outsource part of their IT to Google, arguing concerns on security. Yet Google Data Center is more reliable than most corporate data centers. A fire two years ago in their Data Center sent hundreds of servers into ashes. No Google end-user was impacted.

It might take longer to convince large companies, but for SMEs the proposition is too strong to be neglected. Skype, with SkypeIn and SkypeOut, plus Google reliability, is a terrific solution for enterprises, benefiting not only from cheap voice, but also from IM, Videocalls, file-sharing, and potential integration with Gmail and Google Apps.

Microsoft should be worried.

3 thoughts on “Why Google should buy Skype

  1. girish.gulawani

    guys take a break. why would Google buy them when there’s Gtalk which anyway has everything Skype could offer. the open programable interface, seamless integration with other Apps (Gmail, Docs, Calendar etc.). customer base, loyal – as one might add.

  2. Jose Miguel Cansado Post author

    Girish, I agree GTalk is quite good. As you say presence, IM and voice are already integrated with Google Apps. Still, can GTalk deliver features like SkypeIn, SkypeOut and high-quality video call? Which active user base is larger for voice, G-Talk or Skype?

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