iPhone makes Mobile Web a reality

In a previous post, back in January, Google already advised that the traffic to Google from iPhones surpassed any other smartphone, even if iPhone accounts for only 2% of the worldwide smartphones. Nokia’s Symbian 63%, Windows Mobile 11% and RIM 10%.

M:Metrics confirms those findings based on a report of iPhone user behaviour during January 08. The percentage of users accessing the Web from their handset shows a staggering 85% for iPhone, compared to 58% of smarphones, and a mere 13% of the overall market. For access to a social networking site or a blog, the difference increases, with 50% for iPhone, 19% for smartphones and 4% for the market. Even for video the data is striking: 31% of iPhone users watched a video versus less than 5% average market.

These data confirm that iPhone and its Safari browser really represent a major improvement  for Mobile Web access compared to existing devices. Apple’s iPhone is delivering to the hype it created. Another proof is that, even if iPhone is only official in five countries (USA, UK, Germany, France and Ireland), traffic from iPhone has been detected from almost every country in the World.

Will Android will be up to the expectations too?

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