Surprise surprise! I got Safari on my desktop

By surprise, I found a Safari icon on my desktop after updating iTunes. My first reaction is “What! how can Apple use this malware-like tricks to push Safari?” So it is no surprise the complaints of Firefox boss, and the general condemn from blogs: VentureBeat, ReadWriteWeb, The Open Road

Once the initial annoyance fades away, curiosity comes in “anyway it is installed so let’s see how it works”. The first impression is Apple wants us to get used to his Mac look and feel. And it works, you feel like using a Mac, and I have to admit that I like it. Still, the fonts seem fuzzy in Safari when compared to IE7. Safari uses Mac OS X font anti-aliasing, while IE uses Windows native ClearType, and that is reason according to a report on Safari 3.1 on Windows in Ars Technica.

So, will I uninstall Safari? Well, why not keeping two browsers… Now I use Safari for Gmail and Google Reader, and IE7 for the rest: general browsing, on-line newspapers, banking, Amazon, YouTube, etc. I find useful to have email and RSS in a separated browser, and I can enjoy the cool look of Mac.  

Conclusion: Steve Jobs is so convinced of the excellence of Safari, that he has pushed it with an iTunes update regardless the adverse comments it would generate. Is that arrogance or self-confidence?

According to an NPD report “Apple’s Mac shipments grew 60 percent in February compared with the same period last year, while the entire market grew just 9 percent.”

Maybe it is just self-confidence.

4 thoughts on “Surprise surprise! I got Safari on my desktop

  1. AdamC

    Malware is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s informed consent.

    Try to get the definition right.

    BTW you are given a choice to download and you can still says no if you don’t want to.

  2. JS

    Uninstall it if you don’t want it…try that with IE.
    Also you’re right it should have been an opt in situation, instead of an opt out situation. You should probably look at what you are installing with an update before installing it. To not install the package it is as easy as unchecking the box next to Safari. Safari is one of the most web standards compliant browsers out there…IE well not so much. What ever you decide I wish you well. Standards will keep the web open to everyone on any browser…well except IE.

  3. Constable Odo

    But your computer still works the same as before you downloaded Safari, right? It was up to you if you wanted to launch Safari, right? It hasn’t put any background messages or pop-ups that urge you to buy a Mac, right? If Safari doesn’t suit you, you still have the option to uninstall it, right?

    Basically, no harm has been done to you or your computer system, right? I guess in the end it wasn’t such a big deal. Hopefully, most Windows users will forget about all this Apple nastiness until they’re asked to upgrade to Safari 3.2. (maybe Apple has learned it’s lesson about the unwanted ticking of checkboxes)

    My sarcastic comments are not aimed at you since you don’t really seem very upset about this “forced” Safari update.

    I’m a MacBook Pro user that has BootCamp with WinXP Pro installed. I did not install Safari in Windows because I like using IE7 or Firefox.

    I don’t really see why Firefox’s CEO should be so upset with Apple since Firefox is a fine product and every bit as good as Safari, maybe better. I just don’t see Safari as a threat to Firefox at this point.

  4. Obie

    When you run Apple Software Update for the latest version of iTunes, it has 2 updates listed… the new version of iTunes and Safari. Obviously you just didn’t pay attention. Don’t be so quick to blame Mac. I saw this when I updated last and chose not to install Safari.

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