The best defense is attack: Goobuntu or Google Linux


Microsoft has openly declared that its bid to acquire Yahoo aims at improving their position in advertisement and fight the dominant position of Google. Do not expect Google to remain quiet.

What are Google options to defend from Microsoft, apart from sending missives? Counter bidding for Yahoo, is not an option as it would not be approved by authorities. Getting a deal to post Google ads on Yahoo search, would give Yahoo some air to look for alternatives to Microsoft bid, but still Google would be helping a direct competitor, not to be underestimated.

So in the event the acquisition succeeds, what should Google do?

I would recommend: Hit them where it hurts

Microsoft gets a big chunk of their revenue, and more importantly of the profits, from Windows and Office software licenses. These profits are to finance the online services of a merged Yahoo-Microsoft Live.

What can Google do about that? Goobuntu. The same way Google is bringing Linux to mobile devices with Android, Google is the only company that could make Linux conquer the desktop and hurt Windows and Office.

People love Google, and many people hate Microsoft. Hit them now. Millions of users would thank you, Google.

Note: Meantime, the bid already had its effects and Yahoo is stopping its online music service.

8 thoughts on “The best defense is attack: Goobuntu or Google Linux

  1. Small Biz Tech Talk

    Jose Miguel,

    That’s a very interesting analysis and set of recommendations for Google.

    Whether all this flies or not, one thing is for sure.

    Search advertising will never be the same again.

    Although Google AdWords is far from perfect, it is SOOOO far ahead of Yahoo!’s and Microsoft’s offering, it’s like night and day. But I wouldn’t be so quick to bet against Microsoft.

    Best regards,

    Joshua Feinberg

  2. TBolt

    The author is right. I trust Google. I love Google — I manage a few domain names through their free Google Apps service. I use Gmail exclusively, and I like Google Docs, Google Search, Google Analytics, etc. And, I would love to switch several machines from Windows to Linux, but I hear that the install still isn’t easy enough for a ‘regular user’ to do. Now, if Google and Linux released an OS that was easy to install and use, I’d be first in line to download it (or buy it).

  3. CyberZilla

    With the name brand recognition of Google behind Linux and Google’s engineers developing a more user friendly version it would be a huge step for Linux AND Google itself. IF Google wants to be on the desktop with their applications like Google Desktop Search and Google Gadgets, why not create their own desktop and cut out the middleman?

  4. Martin Makella

    Ubuntu Linux is already far ahead of Microsoft as far as usability of the Operating System is concerned. Installing, updating or deleting software has never been easier. It is on par with or perhaps better than OS X. It installs in 20 minutes flat without hassles.
    If Linux would be backed by Google, missing drivers or codecs would be a thing of the past.

    What Linux really is lacking are user-friendly applications – high end creative software, e.g. Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut, Illustrator, Catia, ProEngineer etc.

    It is true, if Google could provide the missing software, competitively priced, it would be a big blow against Microsoft.

    …and a big leap for mankind.

  5. bunlacken

    Ye’er on, If you have ever done MS trash/hangup/repair. You are already doing what appears to be everything using Google,
    Then download & burn a CD of Ubuntu or PclinuxoS, they prett much install themselves and if you want hand holding visit the linux user instructions.
    Com-on you can do it. Actually install on an old desktop first if you are worried. They really do install themselves. See can a free download/burn/install can do for your ego
    Best regards

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  7. Gary White

    I 100% agree with you! If google partnered with Ubuntu/Conical Microsft would be goners. Google Chromium isnt meant to be a full desktop and it lacks a lot. If google instead worked on apps for Ubuntu and things like that. Ubuntu is trying to do the search thing with there home in 13.04. with google powering the search it would be awesome!

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